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Well, it has already become our every day life, that we do come in contact with different juridical documents as well as situations, when knowledge of the jurisprudation/the law could be quite useful. Not everybody is a lawyer, and don’t have to be. That’s why - We have built up a team of experienced lawyers, that can solve the most of your problems in the most limited time period (call it – yesterday would be fine). Each situation is different, that’s why our induvidual attitude and analyses of every case is so important to us. The result matters!

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Debt collection

The pre-trial debt collection

The debtor monitoring

The preparation of the warning notes

Conversations with the debtor by phone or in person

The creation/preparation of the payment schedules, monitoring its realization The preparation of conciliation agreement and its conclusion 

The payment control

The warning stamp – it is a stamp put on the outgoing invoices/fakturas and bills, its purpose is to inform the partners that in case of late/delated payment - a law company  “Delss” will take care of the debt collection. 

Debt collection through the courts

The preparation and submission of claims to the court

The representation of your interests in the court

Ensuring the claim before raising it in the court as well as seizing the debtor funds, movable and immovable property

The preparation of different procedurial documents and submitting them to the court.

The supervision of court decisions and enforcement processes

We also deal with collecting international debts.

Make your debt collection today!

Legal services

Not every company is able to maintain legal departments and usually one lawyer can not cover all the sectors that may be needed depending on the particular situation. Our lawyers who specialize in various fields are ready to help and find solutions to any of your legal issues.

Complex legal service for a certain monthly fee

Quick and qualitative analysis and preparation of legal documents

The development, editing and correction of contracts

Legal advice

Preparation of creditor claims 

The initiation of insolvency proceedings and representation in insolvency proceedings

Legal assistance in cases when creditors turn against you

Translations with notary certification

Insurance disputes

Mediation is a process in which the conflicting parties with the help of a neutral third party are trying to find a conflict solution

Accounting Services

The development of Business plans

To defend Your interests – is the goal of our team!


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